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About our company

Created entirely by nature, It’s the best water in Sri Lanka. Bottled at the source, Quality & Purity Guaranteed.

Speed Water is a fully owned Sri Lankan company, which was was formally established 15 years ago in 2003, to produce purified drinking water. The Name “SPEED” is a renowned brand in the water industry in Sri Lanka both domestically & in corporate sector, becoming the most reliable pure drinking water with the most number of industry certifications for quality.

Speed Water was the first to introduce many new products to the water industry while other water companies adopted almost conventional style methods. Speed Water was the first to come up with an idea to issue “free dispenser” to customers and this concept is not only being copied by other companies but has also become “hot topic’ among the other industry leaders.

The company, due to clever marketing strategy, proudly secured thousands of customers in the very first year of the company’s operation and in the same period, incidentally, it successfully obtained the SLS stamp (Sri Lanka Standard Certificate) which is very rare feat by any water company to date.

In addition to producing purified water, SPEED Water also produced and marketed Oxygenated Water, Cube Ice and Packet-ed Water. with related expansion plans for these products in the future.

Our company was founded in 2003
SPEED Water is ideal for drinking, cooking, sports and even for children. Our water is the most quality certified brand in Sri Lanka with over 10 local & international certifications.
Lab Tested
Healthy Composition
7 Filtration Stages
Quality certificated
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